Air Freight Services And Advantages

The air transport or transport by air is the service to move from one place to another, passengers or cargo, using aircraft, profit-making. Air transport always has commercial purposes. This mode of transport, in principle, was initially developed only for passengers. Due to the use of air containers and the design of new aircraft specifically for charging, the volume of goods transported by this means is increased year after year. Advances in air navigation, telecommunications, and electronic facilities allow aviation progresses astonishing way

Air Freight

From airport to consignee or shipper to the airport with one carrier, one price, much less hassle. Scheduled delivery to and from facilities near major market airports. We provide cargo management service programs that provide visibility of cargo and cost-effective usage. In addition, we offer reduced LCL rates, improved transit times, and allow your import and export transactions to be handled by one provider managing all related services.

• Provide a pickup service
• Supply the service of customs clearance, custody, and transfer, inspection, quarantine etc. to all kind of cargo
• Accept the special air export request of handling clothing fresh food etc.
• Provide the packing service of special cargo etc.
• Provide a safe and reliable storage service to the custody cargo
• Tracking any shipment dynamically and pick up documents of destination (POD)
• Provide consultation service and given a one-time feedback.

Air Cargo Operations

World Cargo Moving and Transport, has built and maintained a strong partnership with the world’s premier air carriers. Our confirmed space allocations guarantee you flexibility in routing. We offer regularly scheduled consolidation, deferred and expedited services. Our experienced personnel will provide you with accurate detailed documentation from start to finish. As your single carrier, you have one point of contact for all aspects of your shipment and full accountability from us.

Advantages Of Our Air Operations are

• Confirmed space allocation with the airlines
• Regularly scheduled consolidations
• Expedited, next flight out and deferred services
• Extended operating hours
• Same day service and weekend operation as required

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