Some Best Practices For Hiring A Moving Company

Details you need to ask

Once you have defined your requirements for moving, you have to contact a moving company to ask for a quote. Request for a quote between three to four weeks in advance from at least three moving companies. Not all companies base their contract price on their initial estimate so you must be extremely careful when choosing.

Find out not only the prices but also the service and commitment each company provides. Distrusts those companies who provide too low price and don’t have the reputation to back them up. A quality service usually costs money in this industry. At the same time, a high price doesn’t always mean good service.

Ask for the type of truck used, what size, if it is open or closed. Find out the form of packaging and transport they use for certain things such as the most delicate, the collapsible furniture, clothing, etc. Also, find out about the type of materials used for packaging. All these details will depend on the convenience of the quote received and subsequent compliance.

Confirm the estimated time it will take to deliver your things and the number of trips they make.

And although the estimated cost is important, good corporate reputation is more crucial. Ask for recommendations from friends or acquaintances and the details of their experiences. Question everything. If you hire choose the wrong company, it will be too late before you will find out. Your precious belongings will arrive damaged, and the company will not be held responsible for delays and errors.

How to prepare for the move

Once you have chosen the company, book several weeks in advance. Specify the truck they will use for moving and the date especially if you move to another city.

Also, consider the time of year. During the summer there are many transfers, especially during school holidays. And within this time, the weekends are the most popular. See if there is an extra charge for it. If you transfer during the holiday season, make sure that you do not reserve at the last minute.

Meanwhile, the winter transfer has some drawbacks; from uncertainty about the weather to the difficulty of keeping the house properly heated at the early days of hustle.

If the date change is inevitable, make sure the company you’re going to hire count on closed trucks to prevent possible weather damage while waiting for your things to be delivered.

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